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Our company organized tours all across the world. These trips range from visits to cities that have numerous interesting places (London, Paris and so on) to cross-country tours with a focus on the nature and all of its wonders.

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We also lead tours in several major American locations. If you are interested in historical monuments in the USA, then you will like these journeys. Every trip covers several major monuments across three or four states, and this also includes visits to less known and still interesting places.

Advantages Of Traveling

One of our less known services is the organization of the nature tours. These tours take you to nature where you have a chance to relax from the society and all its aspects.

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Traveling outside the USA is something that the majority of people do. But many of them forget that the USA has some fantastic locations that are worth the time.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a historical and well-known monument that is worth the visit. This is one of those monuments that will captivate you every time you see it. You just have to remember all the history that stands behind this monument, and you will understand how grandiose it is.

Pike Place

If you want to visit the Seattle and area, then we recommend you the Pike Place Market. This is a market that exists for over a century, and it is now a historic place many locals like to visit and shop. This is a perfect place to shop as many small vendors offer everything from the antiques to the latest tech.

Venice Beach

Everyone that visits the Los Angeles should visit the Venice Beach at least once during the trip. The name is derived from beautiful canals that remind people of the city of Venice. This place is all about the view, and what a view it is. Long clean beach interlude with canals and rows of palm trees await every visitor.


Florida has many interesting locations you should visit, and Kennedy Space Center should be one of them. This is more than just a site from which people went into space. This is a place that reflects the desire to explore the universe and uncover all of the secrets it holds.

Traveling Tips For Beginners

This whole page will be one big collection of locations you should visit and tips for traveling, whether it is with us or not. These tips will include everything from explanations on what to pack for a trip to excellent guides on visiting particular places. We will also include guides that will help you visit a lot of interesting places in a short time which will help those that don’t have huge traveling budget.

What People Says About Us

“Sedgemoorheights is a tourist agency that is known for exciting nature tours, and that is something that attracted me. I went on one South American tour in Chile and Peru, and I have to say that it was great. It was an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone”

Robert Morey


What People Says About Us

“Traveling is something I like, and Sedgemoorheights is a tourist agency I always pick. Their tours are exciting, and the price is affordable. I went on five trips with them, and every one of them had at least one location I didn’t expect to like”


Rebecca Perez

What People Says About Us

“I like travels that last for two or more weeks as they allow me to enjoy in various things instead of having a limited time to see them. Sedgemoorheights is a perfect agency for me as some of their tours last up to twenty-five days and I like that”


Becky Jensen

Discover The Essential Benefits Of Traveling

Traveling can be straightforward and problem-free if you know how to prepare. That kind of trip will provide a lot of benefits to you, and thus the importance of preparation, both physical and mental is essential. This is why we will post several posts that will help you discover the essentials of traveling. Stick with us, and you will learn how to travel and experience the world in the best way possible.

A Wild Experience

Every trip to an unknown place is an adventure you shouldn’t miss. Many of our tours are designed to give you the best possible experience. They will take you to locations that aren’t tourist hotspots but are still amazing to experience. Join us, and you will visit places that are enchanting to visit, and they aren’t crowded as some might think. We know what you like, and we deliver it.

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Hidden Tourist Places You Should Check

Hidden Tourist Places You Should Check

World is full of tourist attractions that are worth the visit. But many of the most famous places are crowded and it takes hours to visit them and those hours are spent waiting in a line. That isn’t a good way to spend a valuable and limited time you have when on a tour. There are always alternatives for that and they are present in the form of less-known locations that are worth both your time and money. In this article we have listed some fascinating holiday destinations, the best place where UK citizens like to spend their holidays.

Visit places few know about

If you ever find yourself on a Russian tourist trip, then head for the Yekaterinburg and find a guide that will take you to the Psychedelic Salt Mine and you will be awed by this place. The mine is just 650 feet below the ground, and it is full of swirling patterns that are found in various colours. This effect is due to a mineral discovered in those rocks. Visit this place, and you will be enchanted by all the patterns this crystal creates.

Africa has some interesting locations, and Lake Natron

Africa has some interesting locations, and Lake Natron is a must-visit one that is located in Tanzania. The Lake Natron is a unique lake that has high salinity and fast evaporation rate. This means that it has a unique salt crust that covers it. Any animal foolish enough to land on the lake dies in a matter of minutes, and the only thing left behind is the corpse that looks like a lifelike bone doll. This creates a sort of avant-garde and macabre art that has to be seen in person.

Asia has its share of unusual places, and The Door to Hell is an incredible place you will want to see. This is a hole that leaks natural gas and was discovered several decades ago. Those researchers set the hole aflame and expected it to die down in several days. Well, they miscalculated as the hole is still spewing fire to this day. The view is fantastic as a large hole that spits flames without stopping. This is an excellent place to visit, crack open a bottle of your favorite drink and lament life and all of its aspects while watching the flames.

Travel The World And Save Some Money Along The Way

Travel The World And Save Some Money Along The Way

Going around the world and visiting various monuments and landmarks isn’t everything that makes an excellent tour. Sightseeing is just one element of a trip; others include traveling and resting (eating, drinking, sleeping and so on). So, this means that accommodation plays a large part in the overall experience of a tour.

Many of our employees expressed the frustration of having to deal with intermediaries when it comes to booking a room in a place where they will stay. We understand that some people hate that and thus we give them options. You can provide us with the right to book a place to stay, or you can do it alone.

Some basic tips for booking a great hotel

Some basic tips for booking a great hotelIf you decide to book a hotel or something else on our tour then here are some tips that will help you reduce the costs and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction you will get. The best option is to let us deal with accommodation, but those that think they can get better, or they want to save some money should pay attention to these tips.

Several online sites will give you the ability to compare accommodation prices. This will show you the best possible deal for a selected location which is great in a world where price differences can exceed £10 per night. Compare hotel prices, and you will find a perfect deal that will suit you and remember, the most expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

Comparing prices is smart, but booking a stay directly with a hotel is brilliant. If you can get through to directly deal with a hotel, then do that. This will save you a lot of money, and if you know what to look for, then you will get a perfect service in a hotel that doesn’t look like one that can provide it.

A tour can cost a lot, especially if you want to buy a lot of souvenirs and spend a lot of quality time during the night. Spending a lot of money on accommodation can force you to spend less on things you like. Do a bit of research, and you will find small, affordable hotels with excellent service and friendly staff.