Frequent and infrequent travellers need some essentials when going abroad or domestic. Whether you’re going to someone’s house, backpacking, going to a resort, on holiday, or a vacation, there are a few things you must carry with you. A comprehensive list of items to bring is an absolute must-have. You must consider several essential things to take with you and then add to them according to the climate, region, and place that you’re visiting. If you’re planning to travel internationally, there would be flight tickets, passport checks, visa’s, and travel insurance that you need to look into. If you’re planning a domestic trip, then basic transportation by road, air, or water should be looked into beforehand and it is less problematic for those who can not explore with out their quality second hand mobility scooters. Wherever you plan your trip, book your mode of transport and stay in advance to avail cheaper rates.

Let us look at some travel essentials that you should always carry with you.

Travel Documents

Ensure that all your travel documentation like passports, visas, tickets, travel insurance, medical insurance, and secondary identity documents are ready in the same folder. Keep additional photocopies of all these documents in a secondary location like the zipper of your suitcase or your laptop case. Having photocopies of these documents can help you reclaim new records in case of theft or if you lose your originals.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits with essentials like antiseptic liquid, cotton, hand wash, sanitizer, gauze, Band-Aids, and essential medication are crucial while traveling. One of the most common occurrences of travel is getting the flu. An antiviral medicine like Tamiflu helps battle symptoms of flu-like fever, aches, tiredness, runny nose, chills, and headaches. While Tamiflu does not help prevent bacterial infection, it can successfully help control the symptoms of flu in adults and children. Tamiflu is available in the UK over the counter and online. Apart from Tamiflu, carry medicines that help with diarrhea, stomach upset, body ache, and headaches. Carry some muscle relaxant and heat pads to massage aches and pains. Also, keep motion sickness pills, thermometers, insect repellant, eye drops, and get any vaccinations that are specific to the place you are traveling.


While traveling, most people forget to carry their toiletries and instead rely on the hotels that will be staying at. Don’t make this mistake. Always bring your contact lenses, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, personal hygiene items, outdoor tanning products and hairbrush or comb. Many times, you do not get the exact composition of products that you require while traveling and can get an allergic reaction to some products. Avoid ruining your trip by carrying your medicines and toiletries.

Carry-on luggage

If you are traveling internationally by flight, there is a limitation on the amount of luggage weight that you can carry on board, so choosing a suitable luggage set is essential. Use medium sized plastic Ziploc bags to keep small bottles of cream, sunscreen, perfume, toothbrush and paste, and perfume. If you plan to travel extensively at your destination, then a little day bag that can be worn on both shoulders is a must. Keep your laptop, tablet, headphones, camera, universal adapters, and e-readers in your small day bag. Don’t put any expensive things in here like your Astell & Kern sp1000 player.

Travel security

It is essential to stay safe while traveling. Tourists are always considered easy picking by pickpockets. You must ensure your safety and that of the things you carry. One way to do this is to avoid bringing expensive items when traveling. Take a backup of your photographs each day, and avoid carrying your passport while sightseeing. Instead, keep photocopies of your travel documents. Invest in a Swiss Army knife that can be used for multiple things. Use a luggage travel lock to keep your belongings safe, and a money belt to store your money underneath your clothing. Also, carry a mini torchlight to ensure that you don’t get lost or confused in case of poor visibility. Katie from agreed with this one, stating its absolutely essential to be safe abroad.

Other small essentials

Always pack light but do so strategically. In case you are visiting a place that has a substantial snowfall, wear your heavy snow jacket while traveling to increase luggage space for other items. If you’re going to a rainy destination, carry a foldable lightweight rain poncho or raincoat to keep yourself and your belongings dry. If you are traveling to a sunny location, don’t bring silks and satin clothing. Instead, carry light cotton clothing that is breathable and easy to wash and dry. Always take spare Ziploc bags to separate wet clothes from dry clothes, and to ensure your liquids don’t spill out. Some other things you might need while traveling are superglue to fix stuff like flapping soles and mend suitcases, USB chargers, spectacle prescriptions, medical prescriptions, caps or hats, lightweight towels, Skimmedlatte coffee machine, and earplugs. Try plastic acrylic signs to label your belongings and bags that you can purchase from